Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greetings cards for a great cause

My Dad was diagnosed with cancer last year and is now going to a hospice in the UK every week. Visiting the hospice gives him a day out to meet other people and take his mind off his illness and provides a break for my mom who is caring for him day and night.

As my parents live in the UK and I live in Australia, I wanted to do something to help the charity who are providing this wonderful service free of charge (from donations) to cancer patients. The hospice has a gift shop used by patients, staff and visitors and I thought it would be great to make some greetings cards for them to sell in the shop to help raise funds.  Here are a few I have already made to send them.

I wondered if anyone would be interested in making a card or two for me to forward on to the hospice? I would really appreciate it and know that they would too. The hospice website is: if you would like more information.

If you are able to help at all, my details are Carol Wadsworth, 3 Trieste Court, Mindarie, Western Australia, 6030. Or, if you would rather post them directly to my mom in the UK, please message me and I will forward her address on to you.

Thank you so much!!
Carol x


  1. HI Carol
    i'm happy you made it !!!! it's great to see your work ,love the cards you made are beautiful and for a good cause ,thank for sharing !!!
    hugs your friend karina ..

  2. What a great cause. Is there a need for craft items themselves? I thought perhaps you knew of a group in the hospice that might want to make items if they had "wait time" like with procedures or whatever. I am sure we all have things we do not use we would be willing to donate to those who would.

  3. I'm not sure 1jmass - but I know they have a gift shop so I'm busy making cards and a mini or two to send.